Just because Shoot & Sell runs from your iPad doesn’t mean you can’t show it BIG!

Follow these tips to connect your iPad to a larger screen.


  • Wireless: Connect Via Apple TV

    This method works best if you are in your own studio that has a solid WiFi connection.  Connect Apple TV to an HDMI port on either a Computer Monitor or an HDTV and simply air play your iPad to the larger screen!

  • Wired: Connect Via HDMI

    A hardwired HDMI connection from your iPad to an HDTV, Projector or Computer monitor is the most reliable connection type, and the best option if you do in person sales at your client’s home or if you have no WiFi at your studio.   All you need is a standard HDMI cord and an adaptor that goes from HDMI cord to your iPad.  Older iPad models with the 30 pin chargers require the “Digital A/V Adaptor,”  newer iPad models with Lightning chargers require the “Lightning Digital A/V Adaptor.”


  • HDTV

    Because of the brilliant colors and contrast of HDTVs this is probably the most popular and cost effective option both in studio and/or at your client’s home.  Most client’s have an HDTV, but make sure you ask if the HDMI ports are easily accessible before your in person sales session.  If not, see the next item.

  • Computer Monitor

    Connecting to a computer monitor is a great portable solution for traveling to a client’s home for an in person sales session when connecting to their TV is not an option.    Most modern monitors have HDMI inputs, but even older models can be connected via VGA input (see the VGA inputs recommended below in the projector section.)

  • Projector

    While projection via projector is very popular with other software that shows the image to scale, this is not necessary with Shoot & Sell as you are already showing them the size of their images relative to the walls of their own home.  However, if you already have a projector you can certainly connect it to your iPad just the same way you can to a TV.  Most newer projectors have an HDMI port, so an HDMI to iPad connector can be used (see “wired:connect via HDMI in the “ways to connect” section) but some older models may require a VGA to iPad adapter instead.  If that is the case, use the “30 pin to VGA” adaptor for older model iPads and  the “Lightning to VGA adaptor” for newer iPads with the lightning charger.