Shoot & Sell Version 5.0 is Here – Now with H&H Designer Frames!

Shoot & Sell Version 5.0 is Here – Now with H&H Designer Frames!

I am SO excited to share this major new release with you that now includes the H&H Designer Frame Collection singles AND groupings!

It’s been over a year since I began collaborating with the amazing team at H&H to fill what I knew was a major hole in the marketplace based on my experience as a photographer and also on YOUR feedback: Pretty, delicate THIN frame moldings with beautiful wide mats.  My dream was that they would also be available in groupings because a) the groupings are an amazing value that you will have no problems selling to your clients and b) they come with giant paper hanging guides which takes ALL of the pain out of you or your client hanging these on their walls.

Well, ask and ye shall receive because H&H delivered BIG time, not only with the aesthetics of this Designer Frame line but also with the flexibility!

Flexibility because the single frames come mostly with a 4″ mat, but in several popular sizes (11×14, 16×20) you can choose from 2″, 3″ or 4″ mats! And flexibility within the groupings because you can choose from one of 4 frame styles that are 5/8th inch wide (plus choose from 3-4 colors within each style!) or choose the Preston frame molding that is 1″ wide.

But ALSO flexible because several of the groupings come in more than one configuration!

So for example, the Crestwood Grouping comes three different ways:

And the Nest grouping as well has three configurations to choose from:

It may just be the indecisive Libra in me talking, but I think this is brilliant!  Click here to see ALL the frame grouping configurations, molding choices and pricing:   Note that you must have an account with H&H to login and see the pricing, if you don’t already have one, just click here to signup (and you’ll get a $50 lab credit as a welcome gift!)

Now if you don’t love the groupings we pre-designed for you, of course you always have the option of ordering a la carte from the full line of H&H Designer Frame Collection single sizes.

Here are a few important notes about how to make the most out of your H&H Designer frames inside the app:

* Make sure that inside the app under the gear icon you have all the sizes checked off that H&H offers for the Designer frames (unless you don’t want to sell those sizes.)

* Keep in mind that two of the sizes are not in the “standard sizes” area to check off, so if you want to show these sizes (4×6 and 6×6) you will need to add those sizes to your custom sizes and make sure they are checked off.

* You can combine your own single size frames and save them as a template to reuse! The template will default to using the molding that was on the frames when you saved it, but you can double click on the template once it is on the wall and you will be able to change the molding if you wish.

*The way to change the molding on any of the groupings once it’s added to the wall is to double tap ANY image opening to enter the edit menu and then you will see the frame icon on the left tool bar.

*You may change the NAME of the H&H Designer frames to anything you wish, both in the menu and above where the frame moldings are shown.  To do this, just go to the gear icon and choose “setup frames” from the menu. It will give you the option to enter a custom name for any of the frame areas.

This video tour of the new framing features goes over all of the above if you are a more visual learner:

To update your app to version 5.0 go to from your iPad and choose “update” if you have auto-update turned off. If you have it on, you probably already have all these new features, so go ahead and try them out!