iPad Presentation and Proofing Done Beautifully.

A Few App Highlights

Emotive Slideshows & Streamlined Image Selection

Import Images via Dropbox, iPad Library or Flickr

ProofShare imports your images from Dropbox, Flickr or your iPad’s Library.

Beautiful, Emotive Slideshows

Heighten the emotion of your client’s viewing experience with a beautiful slideshow with your choice of music and transitions.
ProofShare slideshow proofing app features

Sort Images as Yes, No or Maybe

You can even email or save your selections to a new album on your iPad or folder on Dropbox to use with Shoot & Sell or other apps!

Create Order Notes with Size, Product Type and Color!

You may easily add, edit or delete sizes and product types. Order notes can be emailed to yourself or your client or just saved to a new location.

From the Award Winning Creators of Shoot & Sell

At long last there is a simple, branded and beautiful proofing solution for iPad. Use in conjunction with Shoot & Sell or as a standalone app. For more information on how to run a complete sales session using only your iPad see our “Suggested in Person Sales Workflow.”Or see our 30 second app preview video for a quick overview of what ProofShare can do:

Finally, a Proofing App as Beautiful as your Images


Dropbox Downloader

ProofShare will import images
directly from Dropbox right
to your iPad.

Sort Images

Sort images into full heart (yes)
half-heart (maybe) or empty
heart (no.)

Dedicated Support

Through email, live chat or in our
private Facebook User Group, get
help when you need it!

Emotive Slideshows

Heighten the emotion of your client’s
viewing experience with a beautiful
slideshow set to music.

Compare Images

compare multiple images side
by side to narrow down the client’s

Export HD Slidehow

Export your beautiful
slideshows to gift, sell
or for marketing purposes

Any song

Use any song downloaded locally
to your iPad. Or license songs from
Triple Scoop Music right inside the app!

Beautiful & Branded

Customize ProofShare with
your own logo and choose
from three beautiful themes.

Order Notes

Create order notes with size,
product type, color and
free-form notes field.

Sample Slideshow Created with ProofShare

This slideshow was created using our “Ken Burns with Blur” transition style and with the option to show studio logo as first slide.
Use ProofShare on iPad or Show it Larger


Use your iPad screen when on the go, or connect your iPad to a monitor or HDTV in your studio or client’s home! Once you have imported your client’s images, you no longer need an internet connection to use ProofShare so you are always capable of presenting with ProofShare at a moment’s notice – anytime, anywhere!


Use Shoot & Sell alone as a wall-art sales and marketing powerhouse, or, purchase as a bundle with ProofShare and run an entire In Person Sales session right from your iPad from slideshow, sorting & selecting to wall design and order notes!


Slideshows & Proofing
34.99 One-time fee
  • Import from Dropbox, Flickr or Library
  • Emotive Slideshows
  • Beautiful Proofing
  • Export Selections by Email
  • Export Selections to Lightroom