Version 3.3.6 Released!

dining room stock room scene for photographers

Version 3.3.6 Released!

Version 3.3.6 is now available in the iTunes store.  This update brings a change that should improve the image quality of the stock room backgrounds when viewed on screen.  You will also notice a pop up asking you to subscribe to our email updates. In return, we are offering this pretty new dining room stock room image!

Why do we want/need your email address?

You will notice that many apps use push notifications to let you know when new features or important updates are added. This is something that I never wanted to implement, because what if that notification came at a very inconvenient time, like when you are using the app with a client in a sales session?

But from time to time, there are new features, required updates and other communications that we feel are important and that’s why we are asking your permission to stay in touch by email.  For example, we often add new features in an update that you may receive via automatic update but you wouldn’t even know to look for them without some sort of heads up from us.

That is the reason behind this request, but it’s completely optional of course.

Next update on deck is an exciting one, it will have the ability to use circles, ovals and rounded rectangles as well as an update to the H&H frames. Stay tuned (and if you signup for our emails inside the app you will receive notification when that update becomes available!)

In the meantime, enjoy this new dining room!