The Best Laid Plans…

The Best Laid Plans…

I’m supposed to be getting on a plane to San Antonio to demo the apps at Imaging.  I was about to press send on the emails announcing our one week sale and got several reports that the app bundle “buy” button wasn’t working. What??  I’ve been back and forth with Apple developer support and it seems to be a glitch – ONLY with my app bundle.

As I write this, I am stranded overnight in DC because I missed my connection due to snow. Aaaaaand my bag is lost.   So I won’t make it to the show until tomorrow and I’ll be wearing yesterdays clothes with no makeup (always fun!)

So yeah, if you are familiar with the phenomenon you know  this is CLASSIC mercury retrograde.  Trip delays, technological glitches and even minor medical mishaps all abound while that tricky little planet looks like it’s going backwards.

Bottom line, I WILL be doing demos at the H&H booth (#919) Sunday the 9th-Monday the 10th and as much on the 7th as possible. AND the apps are both on sale so you can get them at the discounted price of what the bundle should be but you must purchase them each separately.

So you can use this link to see the sale prices, just keep in mind that the purchase button for the bundle page in iTunes is mysteriously broken! 

If you made it through all of that and are in San Antonio, come by the booth, I would love to meet you!