Come Visit Us at WPPI!

Come Visit Us at WPPI!

Shoot & Sell will be at the H&H booth at the WPPI expo and this year we have something super fun planned: CUSTOM app demos!

Have you ever wondered what one of your favorite images would look like in any of H&H’s gorgeous frames? Do you have a special client you want to be able to send a mock up to even if you don’t have the app yet? Do you have a wall in your home or studio you want to order the perfect canvas or framed image for but don’t know which style or size to order?  If you are attending WPPI you’re in luck because this year you can demo the app with your OWN IMAGES!


All you need to do is:

  1. Go to this link and upload your images: anytime between now and the show. (You can upload photos and/or room images, just make sure that for room images you take the room photo with a piece of paper taped on the wall OR that you know the measurements of something in the photo like the width of a piece of furniture.)
  2. Come visit us at the H&H Booth on the WPPI Expo floor for your custom demo. That’s it!

If you are still not convinced, here are some other awesome reasons to stop by:

★ You just want to see how it works/what all the fuss is about

★ You  are an existing user and have a question about the app

★ You want to learn the ways that Shoot & Sell coordinates so beautifully with H&H’s products!

★ To win a free copy of Shoot & Sell and ProofShare (just drop your business card for our drawing!)

★ You want Ariana to show you all her favorite H&H products

★ To take advantage of the Shoot & Sell and H&H’s Show Specials!

★ You just want to say hi!

The best part of all is that you don’t even have to be going to WPPI to join in on the fun, because the app will be on sale for EVERYONE the week of the show (Friday March 5th – March 12th.)

Can’t wait to see you there!