iOS Version 3.0 is Live!

iOS Version 3.0 is Live!

We are incredibly excited about the new features we’ve been cooking up and we think you will be too because iOS Version 3.0 brings the addition of H&H Color lab’s beautiful new frame lineup to the app!

This means that now can now show your clients the real frames in every style available for both Organic Bloom AND H&H!

While we still are totally smitten with Organic Bloom frames, sometimes clients have a less whimsical style, and H&H offers a very diverse line of frames from simple and modern to rustic and shabby chic.   And of course, you get the unparalleled quality of H&H prints and can offer you client a COMPLETELY ready to hang finished product!

We are aware that some of our international users cannot get H&H frames cost effectively in their country, so don’t worry we still have our “standard” framing feature that is meant to stand in for any frame company.

With the introduction of the H&H frames we realized that not all photographers want their clients to know which lab they are using (even though neither Organic Bloom OR H&H sell direct to consumer) so we also introduced a new frame setup area in the app settings where you can change the display name of any frame type.   We have our wonderful users in the Shoot & Sell Facebook user group for suggesting this option!

Some other small changes in version 3.0 include the addition of the Charlie Organic Bloom frame in 8×10 and updating the Organic Bloom “grey” color to reflect the latest changes from Organic Bloom.

We hope you all enjoy these new features, as always we welcome your feedback and we’d love to see any designs you put together using the new framing feature (follow us on instagram at @shootandsell and tag #shootandsell!)

If you are already a Shoot & Sell users and want to take advantage of the new features, just visit from your iPad and click “update!” New users will automatically get the latest version. Enjoy!