Customer Story: Sarah Phillips

Customer Story: Sarah Phillips

Sarah Phillips Photography specializes in portraits of newborns, children, families, maternity and high school seniors in the North Shore MA area.

Which apps do you use? 

Shoot & Sell

How long have you been in business and what type of photography do you specialize in?  

I’ve been in business for seven years and primarily photograph children and families.  I do a few weddings each year as well.

How did you hear about the app and what made you choose Shoot & Sell over the other solutions that you may have evaluated.

What I remember most was just loving the stock room images that were provided as well as the ones that can be purchased.  I’m a creature of habit and for me to change my workflow or add a step to it it needs to be SO easy and Shoot & Sell was.  I was instantly sold on it.


How was business prior to using Shoot & Sell and how has it changed your business?  

I don’t do in person sales, my clients order via an online gallery.  My collections include a print credit that allows them to get exactly what they want.  This method has always worked well for me and I was happy with my sales.  However, when I began including wall displays that I made with Shoot & Sell my sales increased by about 25%!  People began to order larger pieces of wall art and wall cluster and started spending money beyond the print credit.

Have you used Shoot & Sell for something other than during IPS sessions?

I’ve already mentioned that I use it in online galleries.  My welcome brochure for new clients includes a section with wall display ideas and I often post wall displays to my Facebook page and/or blog.

What are some other tools that you find indispensable to your business?

StickyAlbums!  I make a mobile album for every single one of my clients and include the images that they’ve ordered products of.  My clients love them and they generate tons of word of mouth referrals for me.

Where can we see more of your work: