Shoot & Sell Version 1.3 Submitted to iTunes!

Shoot & Sell Version 1.3 Submitted to iTunes!

The development team and I have been hard at work adding some great new features to the app  – I’m so excited to share them with you!

The update is currently under review by Apple, and should be released within hours! Without further ado, here’s what’s just around the corner:

1) Custom single image sizes!

Now from the customize image settings dialogue (found under settings) you have the option of adding any image size your heart desires – in both inches AND cm!

Your custom sizes can be saved to the image size settings area so you can show them by default with the two-finger spread/pinch to increase or decrease image sizes on the wall:

No other app has as much flexibility OR ease of use when it comes to single images – now you can go as big or as small as your heart desires in just seconds!

{And the cm option is very helpful for non-US users who can now import and scale room images in cm!}

2) Watermarking!

Now you can take advantage of all the fun social media options with the safety of a watermark:

Well, not just one watermark.. we give you the option of storing up to 3! Switch between them at will – you can even adjust the opacity!

3) Image size label color choices: choose between white, black and grey for your image size labels – this improves legibility depending on what wall color you are working with. The color choices are found in the newly expanded settings menu:

4) Two finger drag will move ALL images on the wall at the same time! This is a big time saver- if you realize you have put together an arrangement out of single images and they need to be nudged to center them, or because you changed backgrounds now you can use two fingers to move them on the wall as a unit!

5) Lastly we added the size 11×17 to the standard sizes and also to the organic bloom frames.

We are continually adding new features to the app and as you know, these updates are FREE to all current users. The only way that we can fund all these new features  is through NEW sales of the app. For that reason it is so helpful that if you love the app and want to see more features added that you please help spread the word…  Even if it’s just dropping us a note with a testimonial, rating the app in the iTunes store (both of which can be done via the help menu from within the app!) or just leaving our app name when you use any of the social sharing options – all of these allow us to continually add features that everyone can benefit from.