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Lightroom Export Preset

Download Now

If you are a Lightroom user, feel free to download the Shoot & Sell Lightroom Export preset. The preset will export your files at the recommended size and resolution for use in the app, but feel free to make adjustments to the preset and update it as you wish!

You can install the LR Preset simply by dragging and dropping it onto your LR desktop shortcut (if LR is closed) or, you can go to Export from the file menu and right or option click on any existing preset and choose “Import” and browse to the location where you saved the File.

Here is a brief video showing how to install the Preset:


Free Style & Design Guide

Our Style and design guide is free for all to download.  It can be used as an instructional print brochure or PDF to send your clients with instructions on how to measure and take room images for their ordering session.   It includes a layered PSD file so that you can customize it if you wish, but also Quickstart PDFs so that you can get started using it with your clients right away!

The guide includes optional pages designed to help your clients think about wardrobe, location and their own personal style as it related to their homes and the images they would like to display there.  Impress your clients with the level of depth and detail that you are willing to go to to help them display their images in a way that best suits their personal taste and style!

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Blank Design Templates and Tutorial

Horizontal PSD Template Vertical PSD Template

As of Shoot & Sell Version 2 (iOS version), you can now use the app to mock up any design template that has rectangular or square image openings!  Download the horizontal and vertical blank templates to place your design files into and save them as jpgs to use within the app. See the following video for more information on how to prepare your PSD files and how to use them inside the app:




Are you using Dropbox? If not, you should be! It’s the quickest, easiest way to get images into Shoot & Sell.  Dropbox is FREE for the first 2GB of space, which is a LOT of images at the recommended resolution for using in the app. Like you might never need to delete any ever.  Once installed, it acts like an extra drive on your computer – you can even export right from Lightroom to Dropbox using our handy Lightroom Export preset (see above!)

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(*If you sign up using the link above, you will get an extra 500MB of space and we will receive 1GB extra, which is cool because we use it to store and host some of the free resources that appear on this site like the Lightroom Export Preset and the Facebook Export action below. It’s a win win!)



Free Facebook Resize Action

Are you frustrated with the way Facebook compresses your images?  Read our blog post with the magic formula for getting your Facebook images to look crisp, clear and uncompressed!  The post also includes a free FB resize action and even has instructions on how to add your watermark to the action if desired.

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