ProofShare Key Features

At long last - A Simple, Beautiful Proofing Solution for iPad

Use in conjunction with Shoot & Sell or as a standalone app. Running a complete in person sales session from your iPad just became a reality!

In the Studio or On Location

ProofShare works where ever YOU work – no internet connection required! Do you meet your clients at a coffeeshop? No problem, just let them hold the iPad to watch the slideshow and sort their images – ProofShare is so intuitive that anyone can use it! Do you do your sales sessions in your studio or client’s home? Use the iPad screen or connect your iPad to a flat screen TV via Apple TV (WiFi required) or just an HDMI cord and dongle.
Portable proofing app

Simply Beautiful

A proofing app is an extension of your brand, the way you present your images should be as beautiful as the images you are presenting! ProofShare was designed to showcase your images with style and simplicity. Minimal icons, 3 harmonious color schemes to choose from and the ability to brand the home screen with your own logo make ProofShare the clear choice for sharing your images with your client.
Create your in person sales gallery

Emotive Slideshows

ProofShare’s slideshows don’t just show your work, they take your client on an emotional journey. The ability to add your choice of music and movement (including optional Ken-burns style transitions) heighten the client’s emotional connection to the images which is such an important component of the sales process. Click here to watch a sample slideshow.

Image Selection with Heart

The moments we capture for our clients are so much more than just ”pictures” and that’s why we choose hearts as sorting icons. A full heart for yes, half heart for maybe and empty heart for no reinforces the importance of what we do as photographers when we tell the stories of our clients lives in images.
sort, rate and compare during your in person sales session

Easy Comparisons

Images can be sorted from either a thumbnail, full screen or compare mode view. It’s easy to compare multiple images to narrow down the client’s favorites!

Order Details

Beyond just yes, maybe and no, you have the ability of adding order details to each image such as size, product type, color and even free form notes! Each of these options is configurable from the settings area.
Enter notes on any image during your IPS

Plays Nicely with Other Apps

Once you have proofed all the images you can save a subset of them to use with Shoot & Sell or other apps. Save yeses, yeses and maybes or just ordered images to a folder on Dropbox, Flickr or your iPad’s Library where other apps will have easy access to them.
Design your client wall galleries in Shoot & Sell

Share by Email or Export list for Lightroom

You can also elect to create and email a PDF ”contact sheet” that will include the file name, thumbnail and any order notes you created for that image. Or, you can have the app export a comma separated list of file names that can be pasted into Lightroom’s image search box which will instantly pull all the images.
Export your client's ordered image to Lightroom


You can show your designs on the iPad itself, or you can plug your iPad into any monitor, HDTV or even projector with just an HDMI cord and adapter readily available from Apple. You can even mirror wirelessly with Apple TV!


All prices listed are in USD, the price in your local currency may vary.


Slideshows & Proofing
34.99 One-time fee
  • Import from Dropbox, Flickr or Library
  • Emotive Slideshows
  • Beautiful Proofing
  • Export Selections by Email
  • Export Selections to Lightroom