What frame options are included in the app?

What frame options are included in the app?

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We have 3 framing options:

Organic Bloom Frames – we have all the shapes, colors and MOST of the sizes offered by Organic Bloom. We do not have their multi-opening options or their barnwood frames.  Note that Organic Bloom requires that you apply and be accepted to become a vendor, so please make sure you do that prior to showing these frames to your clients. Here is the application link: https://www.theorganicbloom.com/customer/account/create/

H&H Frames (iOS only) – H&H is our preferred lab, both for the beauty and quality of their products.  No where is this more evident than in their frame line. There is something for everyone, from more traditional to cottage, to barnwood to modern.  You can check out their frame lineup here: https://www.hhcolorlab.com/Studio/Proofing-Prints-Finishing/Prints-Finishing/Framed-Prints/Details

All framed prints come finished and ready to hang!  Because it is so easy to show your clients the frames inside the app, we highly recommend that you give H&H a try for framing.  New H&H customers receive a $50 lab credit, so it’s painless to order test prints/samples to see if you fall in love with H&H the way we have!

“Standard Frames” – these are generic frames that we include as a stand in for any frame. These are meant to show your client the basic color and size of the framed image on their walls and you can use the sample frame molding/corners from your frame vendor to show them the detail.