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Organic Bloom Frames – Now Included FREE!

Now available for no additional purchase!

Organic Bloom is the premier manufacturer of beautiful, whimsical frames sold exclusively to approved photographers*

Ariana Falerni Designs originally brought you the Photographer’s Wall Display Guides with Organic Bloom Frames for Photoshop and the result was a smashing success.

Now, with Shoot & Sell it’s even EASIER to show your clients the breathtaking designs you can create for them with the Organic Bloom frames and your images!

  • All 16 regular Organic Bloom frames styles included (does not include barnwood frames)
  • All 53 luscious Organic Bloom colors
  • Single, Double or Twin Double stack with the tap of a finger!
  • Live preview of style, color and stacking changes to achieve the perfect look every time!

To use Organic Bloom Frames from inside Shoot & Sell:

First, make sure you have at least version 2.0 of the app (iOS), or just update to the latest version by going to the iOS app page and clicking “update” if there is one available.

Next, double click on any SINGLE image (not an image within a multi-image grouping) to enter edit image mode.  A toolbar will appear on the left.

Touch the frame icon on the toolbar and the app will prompt you to choose Organic Bloom or standard frames. Choose Organic Bloom and you will be presented with the purchase page.

*Please make sure that you have applied and been accepted as an Organic Bloom vendor prior to showing the Organic Bloom frames to clients!