Is the price listed a one-time fee or recurring subscription?

It’s a one-time fee. Kind of hard to believe isn’t it? Not only that, but updates are free for life!

Will the App work on my PC or Mac computer?

No, the app itself will only run from an iPad or android tablet.  You can connect your tablet to a TV, computer monitor or projector if you wish to show larger, see our connection tips here.

If you don’t have an iPad or Android tablet, please see our Photoshop wall display guide templates here that achieve the same end result.

How do I get the images from my computer onto the iPad

We recommend using Dropbox.  Dropbox is a free program that allows you to save images into the cloud where the app can import them easily. Once installed, it acts just like any other folder on your computer so you can export a client gallery right from Lightroom into Dropbox.  With Dropbox as the go-between and using our recommended workflow for Shoot & Sell and ProofShare you don’t even need to have internet access once you do the initial import from Dropbox into ProofShare.

What size images should I use with Shoot & Sell?

There is not an easy answer to this question because everyone’s iPad setup is slightly different.  So your iPad may have more memory available to it because it has a faster processor or fewer apps running in the background than another person’s setup.  For this reason, we recommend images be sized to 72dpi and around between 1000-2000 pixels on the short side for bug free performance.

HOWEVER, if you are using Shoot & Sell with ProofShare with our recommended workflow you do NOT need to resize your images. You can import high resolution images into ProofShare which will automatically downsize them for you.  After your client chooses their favorite images in ProofShare, you can choose to save JUST those favorites to your iPad (or Dropbox if you have WiFi) and those images will be at a size that works perfectly for Shoot & Sell.

Can I use images from my client’s own home in the app?

Of course! We have a highly flexible scaling tool that will let you import and use just about ANY room background image.. and it accepts centimeters and meters as well as inches and feet, so it works great for international users as well.  All you need to know is the measurement of any one item in the background image, or you can use a piece of paper attached to the wall for an instant size reference! See the video below that shows a client room being scaled into the app:

Is there an Android version?

There sure is! You can download it now in the Google Play store!

Can I plug my iPad in to an HDTV, computer monitor or projector?

Yes absolutely, this is our preferred method of doing things –  see our connection tips here: http://www.shootandsellapp.com/connecting

Can I create my own custom groupings?

Shoot & Sell iOS does include a template creator!  However, Shoot & Sell is not template dependent. Meaning you can create any combination of single images on the fly, frame any image or change image sizes without needing to change templates first.

Can I show Shoot & Sell on my Flat Screen Tv/Projector/Apple TV?

Yes, absolutely!  iPad 2&3 supports HDMI out via the 30 pin Digital AV Adapter and newer iPads via the Lightening Digital AV Adapter. Both are available online or in your local Apple store.  We have more tips on connecting your iPad to a larger screen here: http://www.shootandsellapp.com/connecting


To display Shoot & Sell on your Apple TV, simply enable mirroring by following these instructions. Minimum requirements are also listed on that page.

If I already own your Photoshop Wall Guides, can I use the room backgrounds I already have?

The iPad app comes standard with all the backgrounds in Set I.  It has the rest of the backgrounds offered as optional in-app purchases. If you already own other room sets that you would like to use in the app, simply make any room changes you wish to make in Photoshop (colors, furniture etc) and place an 11×14 single canvas on the wall and change it’s opacity to 20%. It should look something like this:

Save these background images either to Flickr, Dropbox, or just email them to yourself and save to your iPad’s Library from your email. OR, save them to a folder that syncs to your iPad via iTunes.

You can now import these into Shoot & Sell by touching and holding the wall to bring up the “edit wall” menu and choosing “change background image” and then picking from the options depending on where you stored them.

In the next step, the app will ask you to measure a known element in the room with the ruler – click drag the ends of the ruler until it just covers the width of the 11×14 canvas and type in 14 and click on “in” for inches and then click “accept”.   You can now use this new background inside the app.

To avoid having to recalibrate the next time you want to use this image, you can save the background as a project via the organize menu at the right of the the top toolbar.

The only difference between doing this vs purchasing the ones that are available inside the app is that you will not be able to change wall and furniture colors like you can for the ones purchased inside the app. If there were a way to offer these free to my past customers, or even a credit or discount I would – but apple doesn’t provide for any sort of discount mechanism via the iTunes store. Thank you for your understanding!

Where can I get the Canvas groupings in the app?

13 of them are available at our partner print lab H&H and are named the same as the corresponding H&H canvas cluster.  We highly recommend H&H (they also give you a hanging guide free with each cluster!), but if you are already a customer of ProDPI, Bay, Simply Color Lab or Mpix Pro you will also recognize several of the clusters as being the same as the ones offered by these other pro labs.

Can I add my own pricing?

Yes! See the pricing section of our user’s guide to see how flexible and intuitive our pricing feature is.

I am in Canada or Australia, why is the price of the app showing different for me?

Essentially the iTunes store is localized in every country. That means that you will always see a price in your LOCAL currency for an app, you will never see that app price in USD because iTunes detects that you are outside the US.  Your local price does not fluctuate based on daily currency conversions, but is rather set  by Apple about once a year and we hear that it’s not the most favorable rate.  Unfortunately, app developers have zero control over this, it is completely dictated by Apple.    If we are running a sale, rest assured that even though the sale price for you in your local currency is different than the sale price in USD, the app is still discounted for you by the same percentage.

The app is on sale but I don't have an iPad or Tablet, can I buy it now anyway?

iOS users can actually purchase the app prior to getting an iPad.  You must install iTunes on your computer and setup an Apple ID/account and then you will be able to purchase the app via your computer.  Then, when you get your iPad you will be able to install it on the iPad.  Just make sure you sign into that same Apple ID on your iPad that you orginally purchased the app with!

For Android tablet users unfortunately Google Play will not let you purchase apps without a device as they require a compatibility check with your actual device prior to purchase.

How do I update to the latest version?

Updates are free, so it’s a great idea to make sure you have the latest version installed with all the newest features and bug fixes.  iOS users simply open your app store app and click on the “purchased” tab and find Shoot & Sell in the list. If it says “open” you have the latest update. If it says “update” please click on it to update. You can also visit www.getshootandsell.com from your iPad to quickly see if it says update or open.

Keep in mind that if you have “auto-update apps” turned on in your iPad settings you will ALWAYS have the latest version.

I don't live in the United States, can I still use this app?

Yes!  Many of the features are by default set to US standards but they can be changed to suit the needs of international users. For example you can change the currency from Dollars to your local currency.  You can also use CM instead of inches in our template creator tool, in the area where you scale in client room images and also in the image size settings area where you can uncheck all the sizes that are displayed in inches and create your own sizes in CM.

The only thing that you cannot do is automatically switch our pre-designed groupings from inches to CM. This is because they would translate into very odd sizes and even fraction of CM that you would not be able to print.   iOS users can however user our template creator to create your own sizes/groupings in CM. Android users can create their own groupings in CM and save them as projects.

I am having a hard time changing image sizes with spread/pinch.. is there another way?

First of all, instead of tapping the +image to add a default 16×20 to the wall you may long hold the +image icon to bring up a scroll wheel of sizes.

However, mastering the spread and pinch gesture will really help you get the most out of the app and it’s very easy once you understand a few important things.

  1.  The tips of your fingers do NOT need to be inside the canvas, or even anywhere near the canvas.  The spread and pinch gesture is actually allowed anywhere on screen – you can move your hand far to the right or left and try it..
  2. You can reset your fingers if they get too close together or too far apart, so you can essentially pause the spread/pinch by stopping, and resetting your fingers and then resuming.  This concept is hard to explain so I did a periscope video a while back (excuse the low fi quality!) that people told me was very helpful. If done right, the spread/pinch gesture is incredibly easy and really really fast!

The sizes of the images in the pre-designed groupings are so wierd - I can't get those printed!

Yes, there are some “non standard” sizes that make up some of the groupings – that is because it would be impossible to make balanced groupings out of ONLY “standard” size canvases. In fact, if you look at the groupings that the major labs offer – they often contain these odd sizes for that same reason.

Some common misconceptions about “odd” sizes are that:

1)  You cannot sell these odd sizes in a grouping because you don’t offer them on your a la carte price list.   This is simply not true –  I don’t have to offer an 11×13 for sale individually just because there is an 11×13 in some of my wall clusters that I sell as a group.

2) Your lab only offers standard print sizes and will not print these odd sizes.  Also not true (in most cases).  In the case of every major professional print lab in the US anyway,  canvases can be printed in almost any size you choose.   In fact, in my lab H&H’s ordering software the height and width of the canvas is done in a dropdown in increments of 1 inch.  If you cannot figure out how to order these sizes from your lab, just give them a call- as I said all the major labs (H&H, Millers, WHCC etc) allow you to do this, you may just need to call them and ask how to do this in their ordering software.

That said, if you really do not want to offer the pre-made groupings that come by default with the app feel free to hide them!  If you are an iOS user you can hide them by double tapping on their thumbnail image from the +display menu and set the toggle to “hide”.

Help - I can't show any square sizes!

Please touch the gear icon and choose “customize image sizes” and check off any square ratio or other sizes that you want to show in the app. There are lots of other goodies in that settings (gear icon) menu – have a look around while you are there!

Can I use this app on Multiple iPads/Android Tablets?

Within platforms there is no limit to how many tablets you want to use it on! So for iOS users, you can use it on as many iPads as you own that use the same Apple ID that you purchased the app with OR are setup for family sharing.

For Android you may also use it on multiple android tablets if they are all using the same Google Play ID that you purchased the app with.

The apps cannot be used on multiple devices on different platforms though.  Google Play purchases and iPad app purchases are two totally different stores/platforms that do not talk to each other so there is no way to allow the use of the app on both for the purchase of a single download. You would need to essentially purchase the app twice if you wanted to use it on both Android AND iOS platforms.

I am upgrading my iPad, how can I get back the rooms I've purchased and/or my projects and settings?

The best way to upgrade devices is by doing a backup of your OLD iPad by synching it to iTunes prior to setting up your new iPad. Then, when you setup your new iPad you can choose “restore from backup.”  This is the only method that will save all your custom settings and projects.

As far as in app purchase of rooms, these can be retrieved with our without using the backup method by going to the help (? icon) menu in the app and choosing “restore purchases.”  Make sure you are connected to WiFi and that you are signed into the app store app on your iPad using the same apple ID that you purchased the app with.

Help, the frame icon is gone/missing!

Framing is only available on SINGLE IMAGES, not the pre-designed canvas groupings.  This is because there is more space required between framed images, and also because the balance/harmony of sizes between framed images may be quite different than canvases.

You may of course create your own framed groupings and save them as projects (iOS & Android) or as templates (iOS only.)