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My clients LOVE being able to instantly create custom wall galleries for their homes. I LOVE raking in the extra sales by providing wall galleries. What's NOT to love about Shoot & Sell?!
Heather Ford
This app is worth every penny. First time using it I made a $9000 sale!
Jennifer Donnely
I purchased the bundle app on Thursday and only had a few hours on Friday to play around and get to know the app. I had a Reveal & Ordering session planned for Saturday and was nervous at using this since I am still not all that familiar with the program. I was able to make an amazing slideshow within 30 minutes that made my client cry during her reveal. This product more than paid for itself during that session. I sold a large canvas wall grouping and a single large canvas BECAUSE of this product! She loved being able to see the sizes on a wall and even upgraded her canvas choice from a 16x24 to a 24x36! I'm beyond thrilled with this and cannot wait to see what more I can do with it!
Tamela 'Ella' Hall
Loving this new app! creating wall displays from my couch - this is genius!
Meg Borders
This app is amazing!!!! It has been such a time saver for me. Especially going into the busy fall season, I am so strapped for time. Now I can still create beautiful galleries to help guide my clients in just minutes. Thank you! "
Tiffany Bender
I am in *love* with this new app! Seriously… I can’t stop playing with it. I am so excited to share it with my clients - It’s going to be such a great selling tool!
Keri Meyers
I can't even begin to tell you how awesome this app is! The only downside is that it's mildly addictive and you may find your self spending more time than you should decorating imaginary walls with your own personal images.
Sarah Phillips
The ease of use, ability to use your client's wall to create a gallery and the fact that it increases your profitability all make it a must-have for photographers! An added bonus is that the stock background rooms are so fabulous--who wouldn't want to purchase a wall display after seeing it like that?! 🙂
Laura Winslow
If you don’t show it, chances are they will never buy it. Well, the problem is solved with this simple app!! With this app, you can take images that you actually shot from their session, and put them to scale on THEIR walls! How cool is that?
Zach & Jody
We bought an iPad just for Shoot and Sell - we started using it 4 days ago and have already sold almost $1000 in frames - paid for the ipad and the program!
Brenda Horan
I have the hardest time conceptualizing what images to hang together, what frames to purchase and I just can’t “see” things before they are actually on the wall. This is why Ariana’s app is GENIUS. Yes I went there. Because it really is. The possibilities are simply endless. There isn’t a single thing I don’t love about this app!!
Sarah Lynn Cornish
I truly hated in-person ordering sessions until I had this app. I actually avoided them at all costs until the app was released. It's just not my strong suit. But that's all different now. I honestly feel that I can help my customers create the wall art they truly want - no pushing or guessing or overselling. I paid for the app (and the iPad I was using) with my very first sale!
Amy Drucker
INSTA-SALE! I took a picture of the client's walls on-the-spot and then helped them build a wall collection from their session favorites. The order total was... $1550 (my best ever order from a maternity session)! Your app was one of the best purchases I have ever made. Thank you!!!
Megan Marlene
At my first ordering session this using Shoot & Sell, my client ended up purchasing my largest collection, including a custom gallery of one 20x24 and two 20x20 standouts! This $1600 sale blew away my previous highest sales total of $600!
Jennifer Batts
This game-changing app let's you customize a wide variety of wall displays (from the bedroom, to the living room, and more) using YOUR clients' photos. This is such a powerful and diverse tool for your business - AND sales. It's easy to purchase, download, install, and learn how to use - I was making client displays within an hour of downloading the app!
Brittney Kluse
I have sold more wall galleries and increased my average sales by hundreds of dollars with this wonderful, handy app. You will not regret this purchase and your clients will love being able to see how your images look on their walls!
Angela Alfe
I just had to say I have used the app to email clients before but I used it in person today and the client bought $2260 of canvas! I was a bit shocked... She followed the instructions in the design guide to take a photo in her house then she emailed it too me with all the info then I updated add it in then TAD-DA!
Sarah Dobson
S&S is a complete game changer for me. I went from my average canvas size being 16x20 to 24x36 overnight, and from selling 1-2 canvases at a time to anywhere from 3 to 7. I could not have done this without S&S and I would purchase it again and again and again!
Michelle Mez
I am just in love with the Shoot and Sell app! It made my in person sales jump from selling small prints to large canvases and clusters. My orders really went from my minimum to an average of $800-1800 depending on the type of session.
Elena Wolfe
Best app I've implemented into my portrait business! Simple to learn, too much fun to play with for your own home or studio, and brilliant for your portrait business.
Monica Wilson
I love Shoot & Sell because my clients love it. I use it with ProofShare and the combination has transformed my design appointments. Now clients and I sort their favorite images easily and put together dazzling galleries using the walls in their home!
Daisy Beatty
Shoot & Sell paid for it's self many times over during our very first sales session using the app...we didn't just sell one canvas grouping, but 3! The client was amazed as the images of their own walls were decorated before their eyes on the iPad.
Amy Cyphers
S&S is a complete game changer for me. I went from my average canvas size being 16x20 to 24x36 overnight, and from selling 1-2 canvases at a time to anywhere from 3 to 7. I could not have done this without S&S and I would purchase it again and again and again!
Michelle Mez
Shoot & Sell fit seamlessly into my sales work flow. In mere moments, I can show a client beautiful wall displays without having to do ANY predesign work. I'm all about saving time and using products that make my life easier. It's just so easy to set up and use. I tell any photographer who will listen that this is the app for them! Shoot & Sell is something my studio couldn't function without!
Kira Derryberry
I love the ability to show my client's what their walls can look like with my images. It is such a valuable selling tool and makes my job so much easier. I love using it for my own walls too!
Sarah Heller