ProofShare Version 3.1 – Now Play Only “Yes” Images in Slideshow!

Play only yeses in Client Slideshow

ProofShare Version 3.1 – Now Play Only “Yes” Images in Slideshow!

ProofShare 3.1 is now available to purchase or update in the iTunes store.

Among other things, update brings a much requested feature: to be able to play or export only the “yes” images (the images given a full heart by the client) in the slideshow.

I know a lot of photographers who show black and white AND color of the same image in their gallery, yet don’t want them both to show in the slideshow.  So now you can just select all the color or black and white images and give them a heart before playing the slideshow.   I think this would also be a really handy feature for wedding photographers who want to show a “highlights” slideshow rather than all 200+ images take of the day!

A few tips that will help you make the most out of this new feature:
1) Remember that you can quickly select and sort multiple images into the “yes” pile from gridview… simply tap each image once to select it (or again to deselect it if you make a mistake) and once all desired images are selected you can then press the full heart icon. All those images will now be in the yes pile and ready to play in a “yeses only” slideshow.

2) Also remember that you can quickly “reset” the whole gallery after the slideshow so those “yes” images go back to unsorted. To do this, double tap anywhere in the top bar while in grid view.

3) Keep in mind that playing yeses only will obviously shorten the duration of your slideshow which will also LENGTHEN the transition time between slides for any slideshows styles that have “fit to music” switched on.   So you may want to create new versions of your favorite slideshow styles with a fixed slide duration vs “fit to music” to avoid looooong slide transitions which can be a bit awkward!

Other changes in this update:

*Better color picker for solid color slideshow backgrounds
*Fixed a bug where some vertical images would import with a 1pixel white line
*Long file names will now wrap in the send order by email PDF
*Added HEIC support
*Updated the image picker to new iOS standards

To take advantage of the new features and fixes, go to the app store app from your iPad and click “update!”