ProofShare 3.0 – Now with Music Licensing Options!

ProofShare 3.0 – Now with Music Licensing Options!

We are so very excited to announce our new partnership with Triple Scoop Music! With the release of ProoofShare 3.0  you can now license songs from Triple Scoop Music’s award winning music library right from inside the app!  These hand selected songs are available with a special “ProofShare” license that allows you to make unlimited slideshows in ProofShare to sell or gift to your clients or post on social media at a price you will love (just $29.99 a track or less when purchasing collections.)

In addition to the cost savings, licensing your songs inside ProofShare offers a significant workflow advantage because the songs will be loaded and ready to use immediately after purchase.

(Please note that these songs are licensed to use inside ProofShare only – those wanting to also use the songs in other software should opt instead to purchase their songs directly from Triple Scoop Music. )

Where to Find the Triple Scoop Songs:

First, please make sure you have updated to the latest version of ProofShare.  You can go to from your iPad and see if it says “update.”  If it does, please press update. (If it says open, you may have auto-updates turned on and already have the latest version.)  Alternatively, you can open your app store app and press the updates tab and see if ProofShare is on the list of available updates.

You can find the Triple Scoop Music options by tapping on the cover image of any gallery to enter grid view and clicking on the play icon on the top right (NOT from the play button on the home screen.) Choose “Add New Slideshow” or “Edit Slideshow” and scroll down to the Music section of the slideshow configuration. When you click on “Add song” it will now bring up a choice of selecting a song from your iPad music library OR from Triple Scoop Music.

Purchase Individually or by Collection:

We have categorized the songs into collections such as “Babies, Families, Love” etc – but many of these songs cross categories, so feel free to browse the categories or the “All Songs” list. Full length previews of each song are available inside the app to make your decision process even easier!

The individual song licenses are already a great deal, but the per-song price goes down even further when you opt to purchase the song collections or the “All Songs” bundle.

We hope you join in our excitement about this new partnership with Triple Scoop Music and the time and cost savings it provides!