Useful Tip for iPad 2 Users: Take Room Photos with Smartphone vs iPad

Useful Tip for iPad 2 Users: Take Room Photos with Smartphone vs iPad

I just wanted to post a little tip that helps if you are taking images in a client’s home and space is at a premium!

While it’s true you can snap a room image right from your iPad 2, you might find that you are having a hard time backing up enough to get as much of the room in the image as you would like. This is because the iPad 2 rear camera has a fairly long focal length (44mm equivalent.)  So if you need a wider view, feel free to snap the image with your iPhone and then either email your self the image to your iPad, or – if you are using photostream and have internet connectivity where you are, you can grab the image you snapped with your iPhone right from the iPad itself!

How you ask?

Go to Edit wall, change background image and then when the app prompts from where, say Library. Then scroll all the way to the bottom of your library and you will see “Photostream”

The very first image should be the one you just snapped with your iPhone. Yay!

In addition to having a wider angle and including more details, the iPhone camera is just better all around – it’s higher resolution and faster so you’ll get more light in your image too.

To illustrate the difference, I snapped an image of my bedroom taken with my iPhone 5 and an image taken with my iPad 2 of part of my bedroom standing in the same exact spot.

Left: iPad 2 image   Right: iPhone image {click to see larger}

Notice that in the iPhone image, I have the entire floor to ceiling height in my room – which means I don’t even have to measure anything because I know that all the ceilings in my house are the standard 8 feet, so I can use THAT measurement when I scale the room into Shoot & Sell!

If you own a newer iPad, you’re in luck because the 3, 4 and mini all have a 35mm equivalent, so feel free to snap away with your iPad.

But if you use an iPad 2, I hope this little tip helps you out of a tight spot  – get it? Ha!