Shoot & Sell has been submitted to the iTunes store!

Shoot & Sell has been submitted to the iTunes store!

Shoot & Sell Trailer from Ariana Falerni on Vimeo.

This week was an exciting week, Verion 1.0 of Shoot & Sell was submitted to the iTunes store for approval on the 10th. With any luck it will be available around Sept 20th for purchase – finger’s crossed!

As some of you may know, I (Ariana) am pregnant with twins who are also due any moment now. I joke that it’s been like carrying THREE babies trying to get this app out into the world, though in this case, I am very much hoping that the app will beat the twins’ arrival! In fact, there’s a little contest going on over on the Facebook page, guess the birthday of my girls and get a free copy of Show & Sell!

Also we released the app trailer video you see above for your enjoyment. That “photographer” is my four year old Jasper – for future reference, preschoolers do NOT make the best cast members if you don’t want to pull your hair out that is!

I am continuing to try to add content to this site so you can see all the exciting features that Shoot & Sell has in store for you – including a 14 minute long demo video (yes, it took THAT long to show all the features!) that is considerably less cute but definitely more informative than the trailer video. Look for that in the coming days!