Show your clients the potential of their portraits on their walls with this amazing sales and marketing tool from the industry leaders in wall display design.

Use room images from your client’s own home, one of the included stylish stock room images – or take one on the spot with your devices camera!

Thanks to the app’s unique ability to calibrate any room image, images are show in actual proportion providing a quick and easy realistic size reference.

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Full Featured

Add images from your iPad’s library, Dropbox or Flickr. Easy two finger spread or pinch to quickly change sizes Single images in any size your heart desires – no templates required!




Via email, Flickr, Facebook, Library, Twitter or Instagram! Save designs as projects to open and change later at will. Import ANY room image – no piece of paper required or use included stock images




Frame single images in 7 colors and various mat and width sizes OR with Organic Bloom Frames! Easy two finger rotate to change between landscape and portrait orientation Add single images together or to multi-image templates to create your own groupings

And so much more – Click here for a full list of features!

Best App Available!


Sure, there is another app that helps you design a nice wall gallery but there are no apps that give you full creative control over the design and placement of them. If you wouldn't want someone taking control over your photo sessions, why would you want to give them control over your wall galleries? With Shoot and Sell, you just don't have to give up that creative control.

I have sold more wall galleries and increased my average sales by hundreds of dollars with this wonderful, handy app. You will not regret this purchase and your clients will love being able to see how your images look on their walls!

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